Fund Raising
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The club has several means of raising money besides membership fees. We try to hold direct costs to members down, and provide free and low-cost subsidized events such as corn roasts, Christmas parties and summer picnics for members, children, and grandchildren.

For 50 years, we operated an annual Smelt Fry, held in the last part of April of each year. For several reasons, including the Covid pandemic, the Smelt Fry has been discontinued for now.

Last Year, we held our second gun raffle, with four prizes. The first year, due to Covid, and the fact that the date and time of the raffle drawing are set in stone, and printed on the tickets, we held the drawing in the parking lot. We will likely have another gun raffle in the Fall, and hopefully have the drawing inside again.

In addition, the Waukesha County Snowmobile Association has sponsored an annual raffle, with trailers, trips, and cash prizes. The tickets for the raffle are sold for $1 each, with the receipts shared with the selling clubs. The club sells tickets as a group at the annual Milwaukee Snow Show, where WCSA has had a booth for many years running, selling tickets and promoting our club and snowmobiling in general. Members also sell tickets individually. No one is required to sell tickets.

We do have a promotion for our members who sell tickets - after selling 20 tickets the club pays for two tickets submitted in the member's name. An additional ticket is awarded for every 10 tickets sold after that.